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Of Plants and Politics

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I woke to an unusually beautiful spring morning on a day almost free of commitments.  Filled with energy and with efficiency not normally practiced with such skill, I was ready early to get outside.  I decided to take a short hike through a forested park filled with Trilliums, Ribes, and spring green shoots.  Bird song filled my ears and dogs barked with enthusiasm at the laughing children on the playground some distance away.  A water view sparkled with drops of sunlight, new leaves shined through transparent shadows, and blue sky poured into the spaces between the trees.  Even the water brushing the beach sounded fresh.

The walk home was warm and easy, surrounded by yellows and purples and pinks and white.  Soft fragrance, quiet breezes – the sounds of spring followed me home.  Gardening called, and I answered.  A friend and her dog stopped for a short visit.  Nothing more could be asked of such a sweet day.

Back inside, I made a cup of hot chocolate and sat down to relax.  I turned on the t.v. with the intent of hearing the weather report for the following day.  Instead, I heard insults, name calling, threats, and accusations.  Spouses demeaned, old quotes misrepresented, exaggerations and lies traded like the only currency of value.  Oh yes, the political season is here like a dark, low cloud full of thunder and sleet.

Here’s a thought – if our candidates can fill one day with kindness and realize that it doesn’t hurt, then one more day, and another, could follow.  Maybe we could have one week of something nice.  And one week could be followed by another, and maybe this could lead to one month of being nice.  One month could lead to another, and on and on.  And before the candidates realize it, they are talking about issues – only issues.  No insults, no lies, no rude comments about spouses.  Possible?

In this season of regeneration, rejuvenation, and love, let’s all mimic the best of the natural world and see how we feel.


Author: dphare2014

Horticulturist, Lead Steward Carkeek Park Demonstration Gardens, Author

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