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Unadorned Prose: The Milky Way as seen from the summit of Mauna Kea, 0300 hours

Sometimes an experience can be so encompassing, so thrilling, that sharing it is not possible.  If you are a writer and no words are adequate to describe the experience, what can you do?  Photography will occasionally suffice, but on such a scale it requires expensive equipment, planning, and time – none of which are available when the experience is a surprise.  Artwork will sometimes capture the intensity and drama of an experience, but it is always created from memory – and time will often alter memory.  Music is subjective, even as it is universal.

So, what can you do?  If you have experienced something vast, immeasurably beautiful, not entirely understood, humbling, and awe-inspiring, how do you share it?  Can it be shared?  Rarely, the answer is no.  Rarely, an experience is even beyond the human ability to absorb.  When this occurs, the best you can do is to sense the experience.  Allow it to cover you as does color; touch you like air; fill you with silence.  Receive it.  Appreciate it.   Be thankful for it.

And never forget it.